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Farmer Buddy


Crobot is such a product which helps the farmers to harvest better.

We are focusing on making most of the process of Agriculture to Automate.

  • Weed Plucking
  • Crop/ Flowers Plucking
  • Spray Pestisides


  • Reduces Human Resources
  • Time Efficient
  • It can Segregate while picking up.
  • It will work day and Night
  • It will remove weed.
  • Spray pesticides to the plants

Used for


  • Tomato
  • Cotton
  • Chilli


  • Rose
  • Marigold
  • Sevanti

Tools & Technologies

AI driven System

With the help of AI, we can now analyze a variety of things in real time such as Crop size, crops ripe stage, Crop type.

Using these data we segregate the crop and be able to give the reports.


  • Arduino
  • Rasberry Pi
  • Camera

Web Services

  • Restful Service
  • SOAP Service

Project Progress

Currently we have build the Battery and moving machine, which can run on soft and rough surfaces.





UI design for machine usage

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